Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday John


  1. I'm still a little bitter about missing the Warren Miller movie 30 years ago. I really was hoping to win a new pair of ski poles at the intermission give-away that night. Happy Birthday!
    love you, dad

  2. Don't listen to your dad, John. The poles were a donation from The Sportsman, circa 1958. He was much more excited about you.

    Why don't you celebrate tonight and go out for dinner in Aspen.


  3. I love the fact you are still young enough to be included in the "cousin" pictures.

    Keep it real...

  4. When John arrived lo these many years ago he set the perfect example for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren to follow. So far, it's still working. Keep up the good work and Happy Birthday too.

  5. Thanks for the wishes. It was a good day including a drive and hike to the Maroon Bells, swimming at the Snowmass rec center, and dinner at the Hickory House, voted best ribs in CO (by Beth).