Friday, October 24, 2008

Yes on 8 (I can't wait for this election cycle to be over) - Updated Yet Again

The yellow hat is from Tito's Tacos. If Prop 8 was in support of Tito's it would pass with close to 100% of the vote. Saturday, the Protect Marriage organization organized sign waving on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in LA, Orange and San Diego counties. Annie, Kristin and I were were at Cameo Shores in Corona Del Mar, just down the coast from Newport Beach. Some of the cyclists and motorcyclists who spent the warm sunny day riding up or down the coast that stopped and talked to us were in awe of all the yellow sign wavers at every major intersection and many others in between. Here's a link to a video of the OC event:

To paraphrase Elder Mikey, "Captain Moroni is Money". Over the top? Maybe. Clever? Absolutely.

YES on 8

As a service to all, I've waded through hundreds of comments posted on the Orange County Register On-line. No need for you to waste your time. My observations follow:

- The No folks say nothing will change in our schools.
- The Yes folks believe it is not only likely, but probable our kids will be taught something about same sex marriage based on field trips to a lesbian teachers wedding in San Francisco and at least one legal case from MA and another from CA.

- The No folks seem to think that even if children are taught about same sex marriages, it should be no big deal. Let the kids make their own decisions about sexual orientation.
- The Yes folks are more inclined to monitor what is taught about sex and marriage in school and are also more inclined to make decisions for their kids if they think the kids may be too young or inexperienced to make on their own.

- The No folks say equal rights for all and claim re-defining marriage is a 'right'.
- The Yes folks accurately claim that the California family code already guarantees domestic partnerships ALL the legal rights of marriage, including the right to adopt,
share retirement benefits, health insurance and hospital visitation rights - including the right to make life or death decisions. All of these rights will remain unchanged if Prop 8 fails or passes.

- The No folks think the Yes folks are uneducated bigots trying to push their agenda.
- The Yes folks think the No folks are trying to push their agenda – only with less name calling.

- The Yes folks are worried that small businesses like a wedding photographer that chose not to work a same sex wedding could be sued and site one example where the photographer was subject to litigation, even if they have another business willing to do the work. Doctors have already been sued and lost for refusing to perform IVF for a same sex couple, even after offering a competent referral which resulted in the birth of a healthy baby.

- The No folks say nothing will change with in our various churches.
- The Yes folks are worried that churches that refuse to allow access to church facilities for same sex marriage may face legal action, perhaps for hate speech and even risk loosing their tax exempt status (this has already happened in New Jersey).
- Faith Based adoption agencies that refuse to place children into same sex homes may face litigation and be forced to close as happened in MA.

- The strongest argument I see for the No on 8 folks is that many gays feel like second class citizens if they are not allowed to call their domestic partnership - "marriage". While this is a compelling argument, it is not enough. Calling a same sex union 'Marriage' is not a 'Right'.

- At numerous 'Yes on 8' sign events like the one pictured above, The No on 8 slogan of "No to Hate" is often follow by vile profanity and/or and a middle finger. Classy.

- A driver of a Prius is most likely to respond with profanity or a middle finger.

- A driver of a Suburban is most likely to respond with a horn honk and a thumbs up.

- For me the balance tips to Yes on 8.


  1. The good news is that it will soon be over. The bad news is that there will be another one here before you know it.

  2. If Sam the Lamanite had had access to a Tito's hat, the Nephites might have survived to this day!

  3. Finding out that in most states those in same sex arrangements already have the same benefits given to heterosexual couples and that multiple lawsuits could result if the amendment is not passed have convinced me but I am glad I wasn't asked to donate money or make "cold" contacts like you have in California.