Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Shout-Out

Happy Birthday Adam, Adrienne, and Sam

Adam and Melissa Denver-2006

Adrienne posing next to a Suzuki Samari for old time sake!

Birthday girls last year 2007

The only recent photo I have of Sam that I stole off of her facebook!


  1. Thanks to Laura for the total birthday package shout-out! It is indeed an auspicious day.

  2. Thanks for your efforts - this is really an auspicious way to start off the month of October. If anyone has any better grandchildren we don't know who they are!

  3. Laura is a blogging machine. Greatly appreciated. Congrats to all the birthday girls..... and to the father to be!

  4. Yes, thank you Laura. I have been slacking. But happy late birthday to the "trio"