Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Annual Norda's Dr. Pepper, Banana Bread and Cheese Ultra Half-Marathon Run for the Cure

Here are some random pictures from the First Annual Norda's Dr. Pepper, Banana Bread and Cheese Ultra Half-Marathon Run for the Cure. Big thanks to Tom and Shelly for organizing it and the rest of the family for the support (cheering, laughing, providing food, taking pictures, etc.)

Pre-race preparations....Norda rings the starting bell.

Tom leads out with a brisk pace...the first aid station at Norda's on Main Street

Bill reflecting at the ol' homestead in Providence...the support crew at Nyman's aid station.

"Do these shirts make us look skinny?"...Mac-o-tac and Katie bug

Snowy run up Canyon road...the third aid station on Canyon Road

Bill enjoys his first ever DP...Shelly waiting on the slow old men (and Ben and Nick)

"And down the stretch they come"...the official finish line

Ben crossing the finish line...the rest following close behind.

Let's do it again...Columbus Day weekend 2009!

Check out Run Slow Ski Fast Blog for more photos.


  1. What started out as a great idea ended up being the anchor of a great weekend. It was hard to tell who had the most fun - the participants or the on-lookers. Even the untypical weather was not able to dampen the spirits of those involved. Chad even suggested part of the run should be to abolish the "dreaded bleeb mocus" so everyone should be happy with the results.

  2. Sorry to have missed this great event. It looks like all had a great time. I'm pretty sure I'm cured and because of that I want to thank all who raced.

  3. Such a great day filled with emotion I couldn't even stay composed during my talk on faith the following day. The cure was just too much... See you in 2009

  4. Although I thought I felt just a tinch of the Guillian-Barre setting in, it turned out to be hypo-fructose, and a quick 6 ounces of Dr. Pepper cured it. It was great to run past the old homestead in Prov, my eyes misting as memories of sheep, dead rabbits, and deformed ducks filled my mind. Ah, those were the days my friends...

    Thanks to all for the great time, with a special shout out to Tom and Shel for the outstanding packet.

  5. At first I was bummed we had a baptism to attend and couldn't be there. Then I was relieved that morning when I woke up to snow. Now I'm bummed again after seeing the photos.

    See you in 2009!