Friday, July 11, 2008

Rotary Family Picnic plus swimming 7-10-08

Part of the family had a great time at the Rotary Family Picnic yesterday at the Logan Aquatic Center. I apologize for not having pictures of all who were there while we were able to stay but I wasn't able to get everyone in front of the camera for one reason or another. So far we have not hads any reports of any drownings or other natural disasters so I assume a good time was had by all.

Lorie and part of Laura sitting on lawn at picnic.

Tom standing in pool.

Alex out of the pool.

Max after eating at Rotary picnic.

Max in pool at Rotary picnic.

Matt finishiing meal at Rotary picnic.

Koebe in the pool.

Chance "jumping" into pool.

Allison doesn't look very pregnant, does she?

Sam adding to the sunburn on her back.

Part of the attendees sitting or standing in the shallow part of the kiddee pool.


  1. It was indeed a great time. Rotarians, as you all know, love to get down and party! Thanks to Papa John for keeping up with his dues and inviting us.

  2. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for the invite! It was a lot of fun especially when it isn't crowded! I like the private swim parties.

  3. It was a swell time by all the Logan Emmett's, thanks Mom, Dad and Rotarians. Tom, you look like a beach whale... stay under the water.