Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July - Independence Weekend

Logan' 3rd of July celebration. Someone please tell the city nationally they celebrate on the 4th.
All photos courtesy of Shelly Nyman Emmett studio. Sam's phone in the lower right corner.

Baby moose eating weeds on Pat and Cam's lot in Logan canyon. No mommy moose in sight so Shelly and Sam got within 15 yards of the youngster.
Another screen saving moment at Tony Grove...
Alex enjoying the mud treatment as only he can do.... McKinley at Bear Lake working on her future as a spa therapist.


  1. Excellent photography skills at work! Moose eat weeds and Alex plays in mud. Two eternal truths.

  2. What? Independence Day is celebrated on the 4th? When did THAT happen?

    Love the mini-moose and columbine photos.

  3. What do I know - I called it a daffodil! Excellent photos all around though. Thanks for posting them.