Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another July B-day

Happy Birthday Shelly!!!
Twin Pine Ranch Nov 07
Deer Valley April 07
Chicago Marathon October 2002
Snowbasin March 06 Me & My best friend!!!
Happy birthday to Jim too!


  1. Birthday shout out from SoCal to Shelly and Jim.

  2. A tip 'o the hat to Shel and Jim, two former students who haven't aged a bit since those halcyon days at Logan High.

    I, on the other hand, now resemble a schnauzer/beagle mix, minus the glasses.

  3. Halcyon (IPA: /ˈhælsiən/), a term that originates from the Greek myth of Alcyone, is used most often to mean golden or marked by peace and prosperity. also, please post photo of Izzy with the glasses so we can get a better comparison.

  4. Happy birthday to the woman who can do it all including raising two beautiful girls and two "wild and crazy" boys.

  5. No fancywords - just heartfelt congratuations for having joined the Emmett family and for having made it this far.