Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Pioneer Heritage


Robert William EMMETT William Field wagon co 1854 Sarah BOOTHMAN


Henry Roland EMMETT William Field wagon co 1854 Margaret IRVING

Christian JENSEN Jens Christian CHRISTENSEN

Mary JENSEN Leonard Rice wagon co 1867 Anne Marie JENSEN

Leonard Rice wagon co 1867 (age 3) Karen PEDERSEN Peter ANDERSON
John William EMMETT Leonard Rice wagon co 1867 Kristina (Kjaristin) JENSEN

Oliver Hunt DUDLEY Gilman DUDLEY

Charles Heber DUDLEY Edward Hunter wagon co 1850 Polly/Mary HAINES


Harriet DUDLEY Edward Hunter wagon co 1850 Susannah ROBINSON

George Benjamin WALLACE John WALLACE

Dorothy Ann WALLACE A Smoot & G Wallace wagon co 1847 Mary TRUE

Hannah DAVIS Edward DAVIS

Abraham Smoot wagon co 1852 Sarah DRABBLE

Adam Sharp FIFE Adam FIFE Wilkins 1852

Adam Jolley FIFE Wilkins Freight Train 1852 (age 13) Helen SHARP Wilkins 1852

Comfort JOLLY William JOLLEY Died in route in Kansas, May 1854

William Shumway FIFE Darwin Richardson Co 1854 (age 8) Comfort ALLIBONE (Hallebone) Richardson 1854

Charles M SHUMWAY Charles SHUMWAY Brigham Young Co 1847

Agnes Louisa SHUMWAY
Lousia MINNERLY J Grant, W Snow 1847

Sarah Wilson JARDINE John JARDINE Stevenson 1859
Norda Agnes FIFE Edward Stevenson 1859 (age 4) Agnes BEVERIDGE Stevenson 1859


Chester SOUTHWORTH III John B Walker 1852 (age 63) Zerviah CRANE (CRAINE)

John B Walker Company 1852 (age 9) Mary BYINGTON James BYINGTON

Veara SOUTHWORTH John B Walker 1852 (age 40) Susannah NICHOLS


Agnes CALDWELL Lost at sea in route to Zion ~1848 Sarah BAXTER

James Willie Handcart 1856 (age 9) Margaret Ann MC FALL Robert MC FALL

James Willie handcart co 1856 Mary CUNNACHY


  1. Thanks for all of your work,Bob. Having every one of our ancestors come to Utah as part of a pioneer company before the railroad came was completed means that we should all try as hard as we can to do what we can in this day and age to advance the work of the Church.

  2. Well done Roberto!

    Helaman 5:6-7. "...I have given unto you the names of our first parents who came out of Jerusalem . . . and when ye remember them ye may remember their works . . .that ye should do that which is good, that it may be said of you . . . even as it has been said and written of them."

  3. YPR. Great scripture. The list of names is inspiring to me. We all have names to remember... Fife, Dudley, William, Roland, Robert, John, Mary, Thomas, Agnes... I'm glad mom called to tell me to add Charles M Shumway to the list. Hard to imagine being 14 and rolling into the Salt Lake Valley as part of the Brigham Young Company. The ultimate father/son camp out.

  4. Further Correction from N Agnes. Charles M Shumway wasn't born until 1848. It was his half brother, Andrew Purley Shumway(son of Julia Ann Hooker and Charles) who came into the valley with his dad as a 15 year old. see 'the Charles Shumway family' history book for more exciting details. whew

  5. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog. I saw that one of your ancestors was Oliver Hunt Dudley. He is my great great grandfather - I descend through his son Joseph Smith Dudley. Just thought you might be interested in my Dudley family history website - it has some info on Oliver that you may or may not know.

    Ron Dudley

  6. Hi!
    I am researching Thomas Emmett and would like to know about him and his wife. I am trying to track his descendancy.

    I am a profession genealogy hired by the Rod Browning family to work on their Emmett side.

    Betseylee Browning
    4301 Daisy Dr.
    Mt. Green, UT 84050

  7. forgot my email

    Betseylee Browning

  8. Cousin,
    Please contact me as you have many cousins in Ontario Canada you don't know about. My Great, Great Grandfather was Francis the brother of Nancy. My email adress is Thanks.
    Rob Hitchon