Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break "Dropping" in Jackson Hole

For Sam's quick spring break from school and her 2 jobs, Alex, Sam, and I pilled in the car late Sunday night and headed for Jackson Hole to ski Teton Village.  The kids have never skied there and I haven't for many years and we found it to big one big play ground.  The weather cooperated with semi sunny or kinda cloudy spring conditions. Here are a couple of the videos.
kids now days....

Alex loved this park with the jumps.
We learned park educate from the ski classes.. You yell "next drop" to be the next in line and "dropping" when you are ready to go so no one else cuts you off.  This kinda works most of the time but some folks can't figure it out. No doubt they are the drivers in the left lane going slower then the speed limit.

Sam and Alex liked this BIG table.
JH have built "Stash" parks found in the trees with mostly natural hits, jumps, tables, rails and other playful wood terrain type things.

This is Sam and Alex hitting a curved wall to a big wall.  They both loved it.  

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  1. Reminds me of my youthful park days, except mine were in July and involved cut-off jeans and a Frisbee.