Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snowbird Time Machine

Yesterday, John and I enjoyed a few hours of epic powder skiing at Snowbird.  After 3 days of storms with 48" in 72 hours and 13" overnight - the powder hounds were lined up for miles waiting for Little Cottonwood Canyon to open.  Traffic started moving at about 9:00AM and we were on the mountain at 9:50.  We stayed on GAD II lift all morning.  It was a wise decision.  Word was that the tram line was longer than ever.  Little Cloud didn't open until about 10:30 and Mineral Basin was closed until 1:00

There are a few more photos over at my blog.

 That's me above in my new white coat and John below in blue on Violator Bowl.  You'll just have to take my word that I'm wearing my volcano pants.  I don't remember if John was even wearing pants....

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  1. Your welcome... If Bill and I had hooked up with you at the 'Bird there would of been less powder for you and John. Sorry I missed it but glad you didn't.