Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Person of the Year

This is what I wanted to say tonight, but Jay Monson said do you want to say thanks ? I didn't dare take the time for my little talk.

Thank you very much for this honor.

In 1958 we moved to Cache Valley, we found a house in Providence and John served on the City Council. He saw one of the older men in town building a house and told the older gentleman he would need to buy a building permit. The man said he wouldn't. John told him the law said he had to get a building permit and he told John that his grandparents were some of the first settlers in Providence and he absolutely would not buy a building permit. He walked away and I'm not sure how the story ended.
About 5 years ago he came home from a meeting, he was so tired and discouraged. I told him that he was nearly 80 and why didn't he just quit. He said that he said he would serve on that committee and that he wouldn't quit. It made me think of Horton the Elephant. Horton promised Mazey the Lazy Bird that he would sit on her egg 'til it hatched. Horton sat through bad weather, hunters with guns, people who teased him etc. All Horton would say is, "I meant what I said and I said what I meant, an elephant is faithful 100%" This reminds me of John, "He meant what he said and he said what he meant John Emmett has integrity and loves Logan 100%."



  1. Grandma- I think you said it perfect! Grandpa did have integrity and who wouldn't love Logan 100%? I tried really hard to make it to the meeting. I pulled up 5 min. late and didn't dare walk in late with my kids so I drove off feeling guilty for not supporting grandma and all of grandpas efforts with the City Council. I had to get home to go to mutual anyway, but I'm proud of you grandma for preparing such a nice little talk. I love you!

  2. Grandma-you did such a great job telling that story of Grandpa serving on Providence City Council. Once again I learned something new about Grandpa last night. And Grandpa always did give 100% especially when it came to his family!

  3. What a sweet story Grandma! That's a great comparison, I will always try to remember Horton's words.

  4. That's the perfect thing to say, Grandma! I am sorry we couldn't be there, we are so proud of you & Grandpa & love you both :)

  5. You really did say it perfect Grandma! I love that story of Horton. I always remembered those words from the Suessical play! It's so true and fitting for Grandpa.