Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Fun on the Fourth

On Monday, Michael, Kristin, Annie and I spent the afternoon at Pam and Gary Anderson's with extended family eating healthy food and catching up. Then we drove into Logan to check out mom and Bill's yard work and then went to dinner with Grandpa and Grandma. Grandma looks pretty good and so do Kristin and Michael.

Mikey loves his Grandma. I know you won't believe it, but we all had missing tooth or missing teeth stories to share. I've dominated that particular conversation for so long, I have a hard time sitting back and listening to others tell their sad stories of missing teeth, root canals gone bad and crowns falling out, etc. Glad that conversation was only for a few minutes!

I don't know everything Bobby did this weekend, but I'm sure he missed his grandpa Emmett, was well dressed, well feed, had a smile on his face and found time for several naps.

Friday night John sent me this photo. Lily had a sleep-over in Jack's room and some time during the night, he decided to climb out of his bed and into Lily's port-a-crib. I'm not sure there is room for a new baby sister to join them in that little crib at the end of the month.

Sunday after church Michael, Annie and I drove to Charleston to enjoy Sunday dinner with the extended McEuen family. Great food. Great People. Michael enjoys a cookie and reads a book with Lily and two of her McEuen cousins.

60+ miles on the bike Saturday with John and my friends Dave Lange (Chad's new neighbor in Springville) and Paul Badger. Here John shows that the bakery in Kamas packs their custard cream filled donuts with 10X the amount Krispy Kreme does. My estimate is that the amount of cream in that donut was about the size of a baseball.

Dave (above) and John could not finish the entire cream filled donut. Paul (not pictured) did and as a result suffered the consequences. I was lucky they only had 3 left when I walked in so I had something 'lighter' for my mid-ride snack.


  1. Thanks for the update. It was god tosee youand we apreciated the visit to Cafe Sabor. We will try and be hungry by the time we get to the Formosa tonight. See you then.

  2. little bobby is SO adorable! great pictures