Saturday, June 6, 2009

"....... to the Ball Game"

Alex's new love for the season is Baseball. He started playing with the neighborhood kids and getting some pitching tips from a 15 year old who is on the LHS team. This is a pitching sequence. Now I just need to keep him away from female fertility drugs...

I didn't even know he was going to pitch or wanted to. He was the first pitcher, struck out the first batter and loves it. Not to mention the team is the Red Socks


  1. Alex looks just as impressive in the photos as he does in the flesh. Now we all need to pray that he doesn't develop "little league elbow" tendonitis from throwing too much. The other thing that will help is for him to realize that the refs don't always get things right but it tends to even out over the long haul.

  2. What a stud. As a Red Sox, I'll bet he can throw a "awesome wicked slidedha". Go Alex!