Saturday, June 13, 2009


For you WWII buffs, this was not THE Battle at Midway, rather, the Battle at Midway

After chilly 1 mile swim in Deer Creek, John rolls by the Hamlet at mile 11 of his 22 mile bike ride

A Big Smile as he sees his fans lining the road ahead

Well that was fun, now what should we do?

It's hard to picture a more beautiful setting for a run than Soldier Hollow

The home stretch

'Hook 'em Horns' or is it just 'Hang Loose'?

Congratulations to John for another strong finish!


  1. Apparently I have fouled up somewhere along the line with my one fingered typing with the four or five previous tries. Oh well. Our thoughts are that support all triathlons that we don'thave to participate in and we admire John for making the effort. (Somehow this computer is in "replace" mode so I can't correct the typo's.)

  2. Nicely done John... I'm sure the Asian tour was a great way to taper.

  3. Thanks! The bike course was a little shorter and combined with a full lake and no sand to clean out of toes I was faster than last year. Even with my 2:00 minute drafting penalty.