Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 60th!

Happy 60th Birthday to Father Bill (yesterday). Last night we had a small surprise party for him at Allison's house in which we came up with 25 trivia questions about many can you answer?

1. How many pets did Bill have as a child and what were their names?
2. Where is Bill favorite place to ski?
3. What age did Bill learn to ski?
4. Where did Bill learn to ski?
5. Where did Bill go on his mission?
6. Where was Bill born?
7. How much did it cost Grandpa and Grandma to have Bill in 1952?
8. Where did Bill live when he had to pass a HUGE FEROCIOUS CHILD EATING dog going to school? And what grade was he in?
9. How old was Bill when he finally slept through the night? And what made him sleep through the night?
10. Where did Bill first learn to ice skate?
11. How many times has Bill hiked and skied the Wellsvilles?
12. How many times has Bill hiked the Tetons?
13. How old was Bill when he spent a night on Logan Peak during a thunder / lightning storm?
14. What was Bill’s first job?
15. What instrument did Bill play in Logan High School’s Band?
16. What instruments has Bill played or attempted to play in his lifetime?
17. What was Bill’s first car?
18. Who was Bill babysitting when they all threw up and Bill covered the throw up with a towel?
19. Can you name all the places Bill has lived?
20. How many marathons has Bill completed? Or almost completed?
21. What age did Bill start teaching? And where was his first job?
22. What song would Bill sing when he got his hair cut?
23. How did Bill break his leg and what kind of break was it?
24. Who were the co-producers in a film Bill made in High School? What was the film about?
25. And last but not least...Which one of Bill’s girlfriends is STILL IN LOVE with him and wishes she were here right now?

Thanks to Grandma Norda for helping with the trivia questions. I learned a couple new things about my Dad such as the song he sang while getting his hair cut and that he was quite the film producer.

Happy Birthday Dad! We Love You!


  1. I'm embarrassed yet proud to say that I burst out in laughter on campus today when I read question 25. Too funny!

  2. I know all Grandpa had to do was tell Bill to be a good boy & sleep through the night (#9) and I remember he was brand new but I can't remember how many we need the answers to all the rest! :)