Monday, October 31, 2011

Papa John's Antique Danish Telephone Finds a New Home

After John returned from his mission in Denmark he noticed that the phone at Twin Pine Ranch was from Denmark.  Mom and dad had no idea at the time that the phone was from Denmark. Dad found this old phone at an Antique store in Salt Lake back in the early 50's.  It was one of three similar old phones he once owned.  Tonight the phone has a new home on the wall of John's office in their new home in Heber.  If you look real close on the rotary dial, you can see Papa John's trademark label, 752-7236.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Let's be honest, the Logan Emmett's are too much fun.
Guess who!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

William Jameson Emmett Blessing - Oct 16, 2011

Fun weekend with the Portland Emmetts.  Kristin, Annie and I flew to Portland to be part of Will's big weekend.We had a ton of fun hanging out with Will, Bobby and their mom and dad. 

 Kristin has the magic touch
 Jackie and Brian enjoyed the afternoon.  The lady in front of Brian was a bit annoying - especially in the first half, but as it became apparent BYU was going to win, she was less interested in giving us 'high 5's'. She was OK being surrounded by a bunch of Mormons as long as we didn't try to give her a book!

 'cousin' Riley leading the Cougars to victory

While Annie and Kristin stayed home with Bobby and Will, I went joined Brian, Jackie and most of Jackie's family for the BYU - Oregon State game in Corvallis.

Fall Colors near Cascade Springs

We had a full house for General Conference this year.  Brian brought a group of 20 youth and leaders from Portland to stay with us Friday and Saturday night.  Well before Occupy Wall Street, they occupied our basement.  They arrive well after midnight on Friday, attending all three sessions on Saturday and then drove home Sunday.

Our close friends, Dan and Shauna Rasmussen also stayed with us.  They found a room upstairs that worked.  We decided to listen to the Sunday afternoon session on the radio and take a drive up American Fork Canyon/Alpine Loop/Cascade Springs.  Hard to beat a nice fall day.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Adrienne

October is a popular day for Birthdays.  Happy Birthday shout out to Adam, Adrienne and Sam!  

Happy Birthday Adrienne, hope you had an awesome day. 

Love you
Love your sisters!

Happy Birthday Adam.
Adam teaching Merrick the ways of the Sea