Thursday, October 27, 2011

William Jameson Emmett Blessing - Oct 16, 2011

Fun weekend with the Portland Emmetts.  Kristin, Annie and I flew to Portland to be part of Will's big weekend.We had a ton of fun hanging out with Will, Bobby and their mom and dad. 

 Kristin has the magic touch
 Jackie and Brian enjoyed the afternoon.  The lady in front of Brian was a bit annoying - especially in the first half, but as it became apparent BYU was going to win, she was less interested in giving us 'high 5's'. She was OK being surrounded by a bunch of Mormons as long as we didn't try to give her a book!

 'cousin' Riley leading the Cougars to victory

While Annie and Kristin stayed home with Bobby and Will, I went joined Brian, Jackie and most of Jackie's family for the BYU - Oregon State game in Corvallis.

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  1. While I won't comment on the BUY-Oregon State game, I will comment on the photogenic family. Very nice.