Sunday, September 18, 2011

TOU 2011

Bill takes a moment to chat with Drew and sip on a DP
Back to the race
T & S  Killing it for the second Saturday in a row.  Impressive

Too much rain and hail for Kristin
Bill joins the TOU 10Year Club
If you just ran 26.2 you can eat peach cobbler w/ whipped cream AND peach ice cream
Jack and Lily enjoyed their sleep over at Great-Grandma Emmetts
Jack wasn't too sure about whipped cream.  He's now a convert
Lily was also a little reluctant to try the whipped cream, but she polished off her beater

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  1. I would rather run in the rain then bike in the rain. A great day topped off with the best veggie soup from Mom's garden and a delicious peach cobbler. Thanks Mom!