Sunday, June 26, 2011

Logan Peak Trail Run

Shelly lunging across one of several run off crossings on the way up Dry Canyon. Although the race was cut short and didn't summit Mt. Logan because of too much snow we had a great time. I would rather have a fantastic year of skiing then not... thanks mother nature.

On the way up looking back down to the Cache Valley. Some guy in front, Dave "the Isom Boy" and Shelly acclimating on the way up.

The toughest part of the climb... Scott Datwyler shoveled the path the day before. It was very slick and hard to walk let alone run on. The descent was a little fast and more out of control.

The notorious Wild Willy coming down from the turn around point as we were still climbing.

From the Valley I call that snow field "Casper the Ghost"

A view looking across the top of the canyon to the north facing slope. During a normal snow year the race cuts across the face looking left to right. The race officials said it was too difficult to cross and cur the course short. I think they were right unless we had skis... and a lift.

From the turn around point looking back into Logan with the Wellsville Mtns. in the background. If you look close you can see Bob riding his 100 mile MS150 bike ride. He is the one in front of the pack in a white and black jersey.

The race was made to an up and back. This was at the turn around point looking north with the Tony Groove peaks in the background.

On the way down I couldn't stop Shelly.... on the other had (or feet) my legs were a bit slow(er).
But we finished the Logan Peak 28 mile - Ultra Marathon - cut short due to snow (only 11 miles)


  1. A beautiful scenery and a shortened course. Now that's my kind of race!

  2. Well Done everyone! We need you 3 "ultra marathon runners" for Ragnar next year!