Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy 18.25th Birthday Erin!

This post isn't just about Erin's 18-and-a-quarter birthday but also that....
BYU Wants Erin!

Since I missed her birthday back in December, I've been waiting for an 'Erin' once she got accepted into BYU.  Congratulations and well deserved. 

Thankfully Erin won't go bust.

I can't believe I have a BYU sticker on "my" car.

Erin will be following in Ben's footsteps 

As of June all of our kids will be in Utah. So sad. No, really it will be. 

Before she leaves for BYU, Erin still has a few more months of high school where she reigns as having most school spirit!

Erin hanging out in the high school parking lot.

Erin in Chicago during a recent trip with the French Club to see Les Mis. 


  1. How cool is that? The birthday that is... Forever young Erin.

  2. Fun photos. Happy to welcome another Emmett to BYU.