Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Polly!

Here is a recap of our crazy fun birthday weekend with Polly!

Happy Birthday Polly! When she woke up on her birthday we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast & opened presents.

Probably her favorite present this year! We got her a used camera off of KSL & she has been a picture taking machine ever since!

After breakfast & presents we got ready for some pictures with the Fotheringham cousins. Bruce was not having it (as usual) but the photographer was really good & got him to at least sit by Polly.

Here is the group shot with everyone. This was the first picture so Bruce wasn't too upset yet. I think Polly looks absolutely crazy, the photographer had her laughing so hard!

After pictures we met up with one of Polly's friends to go see Tangled (I guess I didn't take any pictures :( We didn't do a party with friends this year, she just chose to take one friend to the movies. We loved it (again!) & went to Chick-fil-a for dinner after.

Polly wanted to go skating for her birthday!! So Saturday afternoon we headed over to the Olympic Oval.

Lorin & Bruce - Lorin's back was about to give out by the end of the day!

Bruce ready to skate!! His little skates were so cute :)

Polly doing awesome with the walker!

Proof that I was there and got on the ice at least once :)

On Sunday We had a Superbowl party/Polly's birthday party with the Fotheringham's & Polly really wanted to do a pinata with her cousins. Everyone say, "PINATA!" (did I even spell that right?)

Polly takes a whack at the pinata - the kids weren't doing too Hot!

Lorin's sister, Cassidy, finally came & broke it open! :)

Blowing out candles & making a wish (she told me she would tell me her wish tomorrow & now she doesn't remember)

Happy Birthday, Polly!


  1. WOW! What a birthday weekend! I can't believe that Polly & Max are 5 years old! Can't wait to see all these pictures that Polly will be taking!

  2. Looks like it was a wild and crazy time which is fitting for a wild and crazy girl like Polly.

  3. Polly does know how to have a good time! And some day Bruce will look back... and probably not really care that he was a pill. He's still pretty cute!

  4. So much fun! I'm with Adrienne.. I cannot believe those kids are growing up so fast! These pictures are pretty darn cute :] I'm also kinda jealous that Polly has a camera and I don't!