Sunday, January 30, 2011

Norda's Jean Quilts

Grandma has had a few relatives ask about her jean quilts and if she has a pattern for them.  She doesn't have a specific pattern, but cuts the jeans into squares (4X4, 5X5,6X6 or 7X7).  After all the jeans are cut she will lay them out and decide how to arrange them and how big to make the actual quilt.  Once they are arranged to her liking she starts sewing them together row by row.  

Pictures of quilts by Norda: 

I believe these squares are about 4X4 after being sewn together

This quilt had larger squares, probably 6X6 or 7X7

Can't really tell in the picture, but this quilt is made of corduroy.  You will also notice she has tied every other square on this quilt.  

This quilt had small squares maybe 4X4, but after being sewn together closer to 3X3

Grandma gets creative and does a pattern starting with dark jeans and moving to light jeans and then repeats pattern.  This quilt was also tied every other square.    

She mentioned it is hard to do pockets on the outsides because of the binding. So if you choose to use pockets keep them in the center of the blanket.  

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