Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Family Skiing

 Jack checking out the "Corduroy Posse" bench

Lifelong Beaver Mountain Skiers:
John Emmett - Last Run 2010
Ray Hugie - Last Run 1999 (corrected date)
Robert Hutchison
Elliot Rich
Wayne Rich
Loyal Seeholzer - Last Run 2001

 "That's my Great-Grandpa"

 Hollie Seeholzer and her son checking out the bench honoring dad/grandfather Loyal

 Michael and Bob share a ride with Elliot Rich, 91, Lieutenant Commander, US Navy, Retired, PhD. Senior member of the Posse, still skiing strong.  This man is brilliant.  Many, if not most, of the mid-ship-men in WWII that used Radar (one of the key technologies that won the war) could trace their training back to Elliot who taught Radar techniques at Harvard, MIT and Princeton during the war.

 Ben, McKinley, the original Norda and Jake check out the 'Posse Bench'

 Jack turned the corner and left his 'edgy-wedgie' behind today after private lessons from two of Utah's finest instructors - his dad (Alumni of The Canyons) and Uncle Michael (Deer Valley)

 Elliot checking out the plaque on the bench

'Brothers in Arms' Wayne and Elliot Rich on their bench.

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