Saturday, August 28, 2010


John and his good friend Casey competed in the Utah Half today.  'Half' referring to the distance of a half Ironman - 70.3 total miles.  1.2 mile Swim, 56 mile Ride and 13.1 Run. 
John and Casey putting on their game faces at 6:45 AM
Casey getting some help out of the water
John's last stroke coming into the ramp, Yup, that's his Livestrong band on his left wrist.

Out of the water and on the way to the Bike Transition

Sun trying to peak though above the 'Y'
Transition to the Bike
Casey making the most of the tail wind on the out bound leg on the south side of Utah Lake
John enjoying the same tail wind.....  not knowing trouble is just a few miles ahead.
In Homer Simpson voice......"mmmmmm......IHOP......"  Casey setting up for a right hand turn.
"Worst tire change ever" - John was now 40+ minutes behind Casey after flatting.  Too bad his dad wasn't there to help.
"Hi Mom!"  56 mile ride is done.  Next up is a 13.1 jog along the Provo River.
Casey on the home stretch
Annie (behind telephone pole), "See your dad?'  John, "Yup, he's over there"

Next serious training ride for John is Lotoja, then the big day in November - Ironman Arizona.  I predict he'll do great.


  1. You can tell by the pictures that you don't have to be crazy to participate but it sureley couldn't hurt.

  2. Well done John. I did the same thing Saturday, except I didn't swim or bike.

  3. Fine finish John Boy... I'm very impressed.