Thursday, January 7, 2010

Belated (again) Birthday wishes.

Early January included a couple of birthday's that deserve mentioning. Marie was born on January 5th and is shown here at the airport as she and Chad were waitiing to leave for Jerualem last August.

Nashtyn made here first appearance on January 3rd and hasn't stopped brighening up our lives ever since. Here she is practicing standing in anticipation of taking off on her own. What a cutie!

Many Happy Birthday's for the two of them.


  1. Marie's birthday was pretty low key, but we did manage to get the kids all in bed by 8:10 so we could then watch a DVD of "the Proposal". Not a bad chick flick.

  2. Marie, hope the day was a good one. Stay young so you can keep up with the kids i.e. Will ;-)