Friday, August 21, 2009

Belated pictures of "Off to Jerusalem" et al.

It took me a couple of extra days to get the pictures downloaded - now, if I can only remember how to do a posting. Wish me luck.

So far, so good. The first pictures were taken Saturday while waiting for everyone to gather for a farewell dinner.

Joel, Will, and Alex overlooking their masterpiece.
Clark helping with some last minute repairs.

Head Honcho's of the traveling party at the Salt Lake Airport 8-19-09

Katie, Sarah, and Mac waiting for the time to pass.
Joel, Katie, Sarah, Mac, and Will still waiting.

Everyone but me at the airport.
Will and Joel having a last minute chess game.

Sarah smiling.

Mac smiling too.

Katie ditto.

TThe Springville Emmett's on their way to go through security.


  1. Cute Pictures! They didn't look too sad to be leaving Utah, were there any tears?

  2. Most of the tears came the night before, they most often come when tired.