Tuesday, August 26, 2008

LOTOJA 08 - Start soaking the ice cream maker!!

The highlight of LOTOJA weekend is always mom and dad's homemade peach ice cream on Friday night (and Sunday afternoon). Crossing the finish line in Jackson the next day is also pretty sweet!! What other team has their leader and namesake dishing out the ice cream the night before a big race. The smile on John's face says it all.

Bob grabbing a musette in Montpelier. Bill has the difficult job of handing out the musette's to several 'Team Norda's' riders in Preston. His veteran skills are the envy of almost every team. Who else could have handled the chaos last year of having three different start groups show up in Preston at the same time and still get the water and energy drinks distributed without causing a crash?

Kristin will be back doing support for the 5th or 6th year. How awesome is that? She'll be supporting John and I while Jackie is back for her second tour of duty supporting that guy she married a couple of months ago. Annie and Beth may be tagging along with Jack and Lily and we expect Grandma and Grandpa Emmett roadside in Montpelier with a cool beverage and camera in hand.

Brian, John and Casey getting ready to leave on their one and only 100 mile training ride a couple of weeks ago. John hopes his knee problems of last year are behind him and Brian hopes that sitting on the beach or riding a moped in the Azores for the past 10 days will have him peaking at the right time.


  1. It sounds like we don't have any choice but to start looking for some Brigham City peaches to mix with the cream, sugar and lemon juice and to get the wooden bucket soaking in the back sink so it will be ready in time. See you soon!

  2. Is the Peach Ice Cream for LoToJa or is LoToJa for the Peach Ice Cream? Either way, I'll have two bowls please...

  3. Best of luck to all those who'll be giving it their all, peeling and cutting and churning and scooping, not giving up until the peach ambrosia is complete!

    Oh, and good luck to the pedalers too...

  4. I have been craving some homemade peach ice cream, so save me a bowl!!